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Welcome to Lone Star Concrete Raising if you have sunken or uneven concrete you have found the right company, we can raise your sunken or uneven concrete and save you some money in the process. We use an cementitious slurry to raise slabs and fill the voids beneath them. This process of raising concrete with a concrete slurry, results in a repair that is impervious to water and therefore a more permanent fix.  So permanent, that warranties for work done with this process can exceed warranties provided on new concrete installation by (2-4) times. We can raise and relevel sidewalks, driveways, patios and pool decks and offer you a  warranty up to one year. The video below is an excellent example of concrete raising. 

How much does concrete raising cost in Houston?

Concrete raising is typically less than a third of the cost of replacing the same concrete.  Ultimately the cost of raising or stabilizing concrete is a direct reflection of how much material the project will take. This is why Lone Star Concrete Raising offers FREE Estimates so that our seasoned estimators can look at your project and provide you with an accurate estimate of what if will cost to complete your specific project.    

What is pumped under the Concrete Slab?

A cementitious slurry is manufactured onsite and is then is pumped under pressure into small holes drilled through concrete slabs. The "slurry" displaces air pockets, water or water saturated materials, fills all void areas under the slab, raises the slab, stabilizes the soil and leaves a firm permanent subgrade.

What types of Concrete Slabs can be Raised?

We can raise, level and stabilize sidewalks, streets, parking lots, patios, pool decks in the Houston area. In essence, most any residential and commercial concrete slab can be raised.  

The Savings are Impressive!!!

Save more than 70%  -  The cost to raise existing concrete is approximately 1/3 the cost of replacement (varies by area and job). 

Why Choose Slab Raising and Leveling by LSCR?

Customer Satisfaction - Costs to raise concrete are 70 to 75% LESS than the cost of replacement.

Angie's List - our customers love us, read our reviews.  

Immediate Use - In most cases, concrete repaired through raising can be used immediately following the completion of the job.  Whereas new or replaced concrete has to cure for a minimum of 30 days.

Long-term Fix - Concrete slabs raised with our cementitious slurry carry a warranty of up to 1 year. (Warranty period depends on type of application, surrounding environment and other factors)

No Disruption to Surrounding Landscape - No need to repair surrounding areas of grass, trees, and/or shrubbery.

Reduced Liability - Eliminate trip hazards, excessive step height, improper pitch of slabs.  Also, avoid the need for future foundation repair or replacement.

No Environmental Impact - Landfill legislation in many parts of the country lists old concrete as Hazardous Waste, adding an additional recycling cost to those choosing to replace concrete (for both the operator and the customer).

Years of Experience - Backed by years of experience in raising settled concrete, Lone Star Concrete Raising provides concrete raising and leveling services to Residential and Commercial in Houston and the surrounding cities.

Estimates are free, call 713-906-9615 and save.

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